E-paper bus stop displays

E-paper displays are the energy-saving alternative for a LED displays. The biggest advantage of this kind of device is a low level of energy consumption, which can be decreased to almost zero. It is possible because power is used only for making changes in the presented content. The displayed content is visible even after the power supply is disconnected and can be presented without a time limit.

Pixel offers the wide range of e-paper displays, depending on the application area.

Bus stop displays

The advantage of a e-paper display is a wide viewing angle (160 degrees) and remarkably high contrast ratio. E-paper technology can be easily read under the sunlight and hence, is suitable for outside use. Contrary to TFT displays, the displayed content is always visible and does not require to adjust a screen even under unfavourable conditions such as bright sunlight. This, in turn helps to save energy.

Bus stop display
A 13,3-inch display presenting a timetable of 1 transportation line. The content management is carried out remotely. It eliminates the need for updating paper public transport timetables.

Information-advertising bus stop display
A display to present many public transport timetables and advertising/promotional content. A large 42-inch screen allows to show several timetables at a bus stop. The innovative content management method consists in simple adding data which should be displayed on a screen. Passenger information management software will be shown in a responsive manner. The content will be adapted to the display’s dimensions, no matter how much data will be sent.
The high-resolution screen (2880x2160px) offers enhanced image quality, such as advertising content.
Loaded RGB images will be automatically converted to black and white images. Software gives the possibility to send and display the updates or alerts on a specially prepared area.