Green Poland. Green Konin!

In May 2020, the City Public Transport (MZK) in Konin completed the project titled “Ekologiczny Konin – rozwój i promocja niskoemisyjnego transportu miejskiego” (Green Konin – Development and Popularisation of Low-Emission Public Transport).

As part of the project, MZK acquired 12 new vehicles (6 electric buses and 6 hybrid buses), purchased a new electric bus charging station, launched the Passenger Information System, and opened an advanced bus wash.

PIXEL has equipped each of the new buses with front, side and rear display boards, XID230 information and advertising displays, XC-6 on-board computers with PTD-10 control terminals, mobile cash ticket machines with ticket validators, and video monitoring systems. Comprehensive real-time passenger information management is provided by the CeSIP system designed by PIXEL. The passengers of MZK in Konin can check, among other things, the planned bus departure times vs the actual bus departure times (for the next 30 minutes) with the OnTime app, which is a component of CeSIP.

As part of the “Ekologiczny Konin…” project, 9 new solar-powered LED boards displaying dynamic information for passengers have been installed at bus stops, and 8 boards already operating in the city have been incorporated into the new system. The modernization and development of public transport services in Konin have certainly improved the comfort of travelling in the city.

OnTime app in Konin allows you to:
– check the route of a selected line and its variants (both on the map and on the list of bus stops, so-called beads),
– track the location of vehicles assigned to the given line,
– check timetable information for passengers (calendar-based menu),
– check actual bus departures for the next 30 minutes,
– check planned departures in ascending order (possible filtering by lines),
– add stops and lines to your favorites,
– receive announcements.

OnTime is available for smartphones with