New Year and Nominations in Two Competitions

The beginning of this year has put us all in a jolly mood. Our Company was an award nominee in two competitions. We were selected by Business Centre Club as nominees fighting for the title of Polish Business Leader. BCC is a prestigious business club for enterprises and the largest statutory organisation of individual employers at the national level. The organisation has more than 1,500 businesses as its members. PIXEL was nominated as one of twenty–nine companies in the small enterprises category.

The next reason to pride ourselves on is the nomination won in the Employers of Kuyavia and Pomerania competition. The objective of this competition is to promote businesses operating in the Kuyavian–Pomeranian area that are developing on the foundation of extensive competence and steady relationships with corporate employees, guided by fair play principles applied to economic and social partners and being successful in knowledge and innovation–based economy.
The nominations we have won are of immense significance for us. We are looking forward to the rest of this year with optimism.