NV1 ticket validator for electronic and paper tickets

NV1, new electronic and paper ticket validator for public transport.

NV1 ticket validator is equipped with a 7” capacitive touchscreen that displays information including:
– transit fares,
– notifications for passengers,
– advertisements and announcements,
– reception or review of products bought over the internet.

NV1 features multi-coloured diodes that additionally signal the status of the currently processed transaction as well as the device’s operational status. The validator has a built-in 2D/1D code scanner that allows validating trips resulting from various promotional events or discounts.

Methods of payment

NV1 accepts all contactless payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, NFC payments with smartphones, smartwatches, and other media, city cards, and digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay).

The device can collect fares in accordance with various tariffs:
– CICO (Check In / Check Out)
– Retail and Known Fare (fixed fare)
– Mass Transit Transaction / Pay As You Go (where the optimal fare is calculated at the end of the settlement period, e.g. at the end of the day).

Cooperation with devices and systems

NV1 ticket validator can operate both in automatic mode and as a unit dependent on the on-board autocomputer. The device has both hardware- and software-based autodiagnostics, and its compatibility with the MTM system allows it to be controlled remotely, i.e. for creating a dedicated tariff, displaying a custom user interface (e.g. in multiple languages), broadcasting advertisements and announcements, performing data analysis, dynamically calculating the optimum fare in accordance with the customer’s tariff, cooperating with the payment acquirer, integrating the electronic ticket system with passenger portals,
and reporting.

2D/1D codes scanner

The built-in 2D/1D codes scanner allows users to validate trips resulting from e.g. various promotional events or discounts. For example – when going to the cinema, the cinema ticket comes with a QR code that entitles the customer to a single, free ride on the city’s public transport. After scanning the code, the trip is registered, and the code is disactivated. The validator can be integrated via an app with a Park&Ride system and register / validate / verify the rights granted by the codes.


Due to tokenisation of payment card data in the central MTM system, PA-DSS and PCI DSS certification is not required.
The NV1 validator comes with a security system with the Common Criteria EAL6+ certificate allowing for safe processing of cards and communication.

Additional features

The device can be equipped with a printer allowing for validation of paper tickets.

The validator has a built-in Beacon that quickly provides the passenger with information regarding e.g. the applicable tariff or the current trip route.