OnTime app introduced in the cities Żywiec and Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland

The Internet website and OnTime mobile app have been improving the travelling comfort of passengers using public transport in Żywiec and Tomaszów Mazowiecki. It is in these cities where public transport users have been able to test the novel solution proposed by the company from Bydgoszcz – PIXEL. Among other features, OnTime allows users to check a theoretical timetable and notifies of bus departure times in real time on the basis of current GPS monitoring of the vehicle.

The OnTime app is part of the Central Passenger Information System CeSIP – a system designed for supervision of vehicle fleets and comprehensive management of passenger information in real time. Thanks to OnTime, passengers are able to use their smartphones to track how the actual departure timetable is going to look like at individual stops in his/her city. The app user can learn about en–route delays or find a route alternative to the one where there is a delay, all while staying at home.

The OnTime app is more than just real-time passenger information. Working towards the ideal of action for improvement of the travelling comfort, the software authors have created a module serving the purpose of reporting problems in the city space, including the public transport space. A passenger or ticket inspector (depending on whether the app was released for common use or for internal use) who notices any failure or act of vandalism reports the problem by choosing a problem category from a pre-defined list. Problem type can be typed in and, optionally, images can be attached (directly from the camera or from phone storage). The next step is to indicate location of the problem. After defining the place, the person reporting the event is awaiting a response at the phone number or e-mail he/she has provided. At the last stage of reporting, the report is summarised. The signal ends up in the relevant module in the CeSIP system.

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