Opole city has got Opolka!, its own smart card. PIXEL once again performed a successful implementation of upgrades.

The project “Focusing on public transport – increasing the mobility of Opole citizens and modernising the public transport infrastructure.” was introduced in several stages:

1. Installing and commissioning a Wide Area Network and computer infrastructure in the server rooms of the Opole Science and Technology Park
2. Implementing the dynamic passenger information systems which included commissioning of PIXEL’s CeSIP system, as well as equipping 99 city buses with the necessary infrastructure – electronic devices. Modern passenger information displays and CCTV surveillance were installed at forty-five bus stops around Opole.
3. Implementing a system allowing the commissioning of Opole Bus Card – OPOLKA. This involved installing 11 stationary ticket machines at bus stops and 99 portable ticket machines in Opole’s buses. The ticket machines vend paper tickets and recharge the Opolka card. At the same time, every bus has been equipped with modern, multifunctional, electronic ticket validators.
4. Commissioning of internet websites allowing the passengers to access all the necessary information and to buy a ticket – pop.mzkopole.pl and ebilet.mzkopole.pl. Moreover, 4 passenger information points were introduced throughout the city.

“The time limit of the project – merely 350 days – was met. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. Great job!” – sums up Michał Cyrankowski, the business director at PIXEL..