Passenger Information System PIXEL.ECO.SIP with an autonomous power supply

The task of PIXEL.ECO.STOP, a bus-stop passenger information system with an autonomous power supply, is to provide passengers with complete information at bus stops, making travelling easier and more efficient. The aim of this solution was to provide all the functions of stop passenger information system without using a power supply from an energy network. The stop information system PIXEL.ECO.STOP provides the passengers with a full range of information using only renewable energy. The system is supplied by photovoltaic cells and optionally by a wind turbine. A battery backup system is used as well. The system was specially developed so it could be autonomously supplied for 14 days in case of insufficient solar and wind energy. When the system was developed and its components were selected, a minimal energy use was the priority. The selection, development and structure of all solutions, from electronic parts through display elements (PDL display boards and E-Ink displays), to software, were to meet the requirement of high energy efficiency.