First in Poland! Smart Taryfa of the Białystok Public Transport in the MTT / PaYG systems

From this day onwards, the passengers of the Białystok Public Transport (BKM) who have a contactless card, or the NFC payment function in their smartphone or smartwatch, can use the smart Mass Transit Transaction (MTT – VISA) / Pay As You Go (PaYG – Mastercard) solution. That means Białystok is the first city in Poland to introduce a smart travel payment service with the optimal fee for all the day’s trips automatically collected from the payment card at the end of the day.

The final billing amount is calculated by the PIXEL fare system based on the number and time of trips taken and fare zones in which passengers got on and off the bus on the billing day. A passenger using the Smart Taryfa BKM system does not need to know the most favorable fare, the system will calculate it for them!

Smart Taryfa BKM charging service – benefits for travelers.

For multiple trips made throughout the day in one fare zone you will pay no more than for a 24-hour ticket for zone 1, whereas for multiple journeys made across the whole network (zones 1, 2, 3 and 4) the maximum charge will not exceed the price of a 24-hour multi-zone ticket.

How to use the Smart Taryfa?

All you have to do after getting on the BKM bus is hold your payment card, smartwatch or smartphone with enabled payment services near the contactless card reader in the ticket machine without selecting any option on the screen. Once the card is found, the device will display the message “Wejście zostało zarejestrowane” (Boarding Registered). Then, when you wish to leave the vehicle, repeat the procedure, i.e. hold your payment card near the contactless card reader to receive the following information “Wyjście zostało zarejestrowane” (Deboarding Registered). If you get off without registering this operation, this will eventually result in a charge as for the whole route. If you would like to exercise your right to a 50% discount in the Smart Taryfa BKM system, register your payment card at, and confirm your entitlement to the discount at the BKM Customer Service Center to assign it to the card in the BKM fare system.

Ticket check

During a ticket check, a person with a payment card or another payment method used to register the ticket must hold it near a certified ticket inspector card reader. The new tariff supports all contactless Mastercard, Meastro and Visa cards, as well as NFC-enabled smartphones and smartwatches which run contactless payment services – e.g. Google Pay, Apple Play, or Garmin Pay. Travel history for the given payment card and the resulting calculated fares are available to passengers on www.ekarta.bialystok,.pl. For more specific information on the Smart Taryfa BKM system, visit and watch a short video about the solution.


Yet another project by PIXEL Sp. z o.o. has turned out successful, with essential participation of Beesset Sp. z o.o. and owing to the cooperation with APDU Sp. z o.o. and Bank Pekao S.A.
The Smart Tariff BKM system is the second stage in implementing the electronic fare collection system in BKM vehicles. In the first stage, PIXEL supplied all BKM vehicles with 255 ticket machines and introduced a cashless payment system.