Passenger Information Systems are one of the most important elements of modern public transport. They significantly improve comfort and safety of travelling passengers, enabling them to obtain necessary passenger information. These systems provide the carrier with a wide range of data e.g. on current use of the rolling stock, failures, delays, occupancy at individual lines, and plenty of other data. The widest range of applications of such systems can be found in vehicles, communication hubs, and passenger stops.

The main components are the electronic information displays, public address devices, fare collection, video surveillance, and passenger flow counting systems controlled by automated computers that constitute a comprehensive solution in contemporary passenger transportation. Any deviations arising during travel are automatically corrected. Owing to data transmission between a vehicle on the route, information displays at stops, and the dispatch centre, the Passenger Information System facilitates smooth rolling stock management and provision of passenger information. Real-time (on-line) operation makes it possible to provide both passengers and operators with quick, full, and coherent information. A system constructed in this way ensures high accuracy of information forwarded to passengers. Data on current location of the vehicle is sent at specific intervals to the so-called location server that counts and sends back the estimated time by which the vehicle will arrive at a given stop. The information is provided to the passenger, the operator, and the vehicle driver. The Passenger Information System provided by our company is a comprehensive and modern solution for all rail carriers in Poland.