First anniversary of introducing the smart fare collection system in Białystok!

In April 2021, it will have been one year since PIXEL completed the first stage of implementing the modern fare collection system for the Białystok Public Transport (BKM). The purpose of the project was to install mobile ticket machines in all BKM vehicles and launch a cashless payment system.
The second stage of the project is to introduce the MTT / PaYG payment solutions. This is going to be the first implementation of this kind in Poland!

As of now, the ticket machines in Białystok already allow you to:

– use Smart Taryfa BKM, i.e. pay for public transport services after the end of the billing day at the most favorable fares,
– buy single- and multi-fare tickets, travel passes, or multi-zone tickets,
– top up your e-portmonetka (e-wallet) on the Białystok City Card,
– collect and save multi-zone tickets and top-ups bought through the passenger website on your city card,
– link your payment card to the online account on the passenger website to check your travel history and stay up to date with the functions that will be enabled in the next stage of the project.

Payment methods supported by the ticket machines in Białystok:

– contactless payment card,
– virtual payment, i.e. with an NFC-enabled smartphone or smartwatch (including Google Pay, Apple Pay and Garmin Pay),
– Polish mobile payment system – BLIK,
– e-portmonetka on the Białystok City Card.

The implementation taking place in Białystok is a novelty on the Polish market. Passengers of BKM vehicles can use the Smart Taryfa BKM system operating in the MTT / PaYG mode. All you need to do is register the fact of getting on/off the vehicle in the ticket machine by holding your contactless payment card or payment enabled smartwatch or smartphone near the contactless card reader in the ticket machine, without having to select any specific fare options. At the end of the billing day the Smart Taryfa BKM system will choose the most favorable fare option, taking into account the number and time of trips made, as well as the fare zones through which the passenger travelled during the last 24 hours.

Videos encouraging passengers to make cashless payments in the vehicle show how to use the BKM ticket machines. Furthermore, the videos serve to explain how the system works and help answer any potential questions the passenger may have.

The PIXEL’s solution in the MTT / PaYG model is also a powerful data collection and data analysis opportunity for the operator.

Summary of 12 months of operation of the Smart Taryfa BKM system in Białystok.