Smart Taryfa PixBee – fare collection system

How does the Smart Taryfa PixBee system work?

The MTT / PaYG (Mass Transit Transaction – VISA) / (Pay as You Go – Mastercard) payment method is a smart solution offered in modern fare systems. It is a smart system that automatically collects the right fare for the trips made on the given billing day.

Modern travel payment system available in Poland!

Contactless payments (a payment card, a smartwatch, BLIK) have proven to be very popular payment methods in a variety of sectors. In public transport, passengers can easily and comfortably make contactless payments thanks to the ticket machines.
Nowadays, contactless fare payments are an increasingly popular payment method. It allows the passengers using various means of transport to avoid standing in a queue to the ticket office.

When implementing a fare payment system, PIXEL went one step further and introduced a smart fare collection solution utilising, among other things, a dynamic fare calculator. This means that a passenger traveling on public transport in a city which implemented PIXEL’s Smart Taryfa Pixbee system does not have to know which fare is the most optimal option in the given situation. The system will calculate it automatically! The final fare amount is based on the number and duration of trips, as well as on the fare zones in which the passenger got on and off the public transport vehicles in the given billing day. The purpose of PIXEL’s solution is to help relieve the queues that often form in front of ticket offices, but also to encourage people to use public transport more frequently, as the best fare is automatically calculated at the end of the billing day and then automatically collected from the passenger’s payment card.

An improved flow of passengers and more favourable fares make the new system attractive to both the transport operator and the passengers.

The Smart Taryfa PixBee system also offers the passengers access to a control panel on a dedicated website where they can view various information about their trip, e.g. their travel history. The reduced cost of travel and improved convenience for the passenger is an obvious incentive to travel using public transport equipped with the PIXEL’s payment system.

PIXEL’s solution was recently introduced in Białystok. The Smart Taryfa BKM system installed in Białystock’s public transport vehicles is first such implementation in Poland.