The European Medal for PIXEL mobile ticket machines.

The last few months gave us many reasons to be proud of. Pixel was listed in the 2020 edition of “Diamenty Forbesa” (Forbes’ Diamonds), received the Bisnode Poland AAA Certificate which is awarded to organizations of credit and of the highest qualities. Today, we are pleased to announce that the Business Centre Club (BCC) awarded our company with the European Medal for our mobile ticket machines.

During the last few months, Pixel manufactured and commissioned more than 500 mobile ticket machines. The ticket machines have been installed in urban transport vehicles in the following cities: Wieliczka, Leszno, Opole, Białystok, Konin – to be continued…

PIXEL Ticket machine, Białystok, POLAND

Pixel’s ticket machines can be divided into two groups, depending on the payment method: cash and cashless means of payment. Customization of each ticket machine is necessary to meet the expectations of our clients. Hence, we can offer the whole range of payment processing using coins, credit/debit cards, contactless payment cards, transport city cards, a mobile payment app, or BLIK (polish online payment system).

Each device can be equipped with an alarm system notifying about every attempt to open or rob the machine.

Providing the cities with the ticket machines, we also implement customized and complex payment collection system. Usually, this kind of implementation covers a wide range of work that aims in improving the quality and safety of urban transportation. The project in Opole covers several steps that include:
– Equipping and launching the wide-area network and server infrastructures,
– Implementation of dynamic passenger information and video monitoring systems,
– Implementation of Opole City Card (pol. Opolka) and installation of ticket machines, both stationary and mobile,
– Launching of passenger web portal and stationary passenger service offices

When it comes to implementation in Białystok, Pixel installed and commissioned the cashless ticket machines in every urban transport vehicle, at the same time providing the system that supports this kind of payment. So, the citizens of Białystok can use one of the following payment methods:
– Contactless credit card,
– Mobile payment apps such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Garmin Pay,
– E-Purse on the Białystok City Card,
– Via online payment system BLIK.

The electronic tickets purchased with the use of a payment card, mobile phone, watch or Białystok City Card in a ticket machine, are saved in a cloud-based infrastructure. Ticket control of the passengers is simple and is verified by touching the reader with the medium (a card, phone, or watch) that was used to purchase the ticket. This method is completely safe since the bus ticket inspectors do not have any access to the sensitive data of the passenger except the information about the purchased tickets.

As a part of the project, the website dedicated to checking the current e-purse balance has been created. It will soon be enhanced with a new functionality which is to verify the transactions processed through the Mass Transit Transaction (MTT). This payment model enables operators to offer a range of flexible fares, including distance- and time-based fares.

The first polish city that implemented this solution offered by Pixel is Białystok. Worldwide, the Mass Transit Transaction model has been already introduced in the biggest agglomerations such as New York or London.
We are really grateful that our work and innovative solutions are receiving recognition in our sector and beyond it.