Urban transport

The Integrated Dynamic Passenger Information System is one of the major elements of modern public transport. It significantly improves comfort and safety of travelling passengers, enabling them to obtain information necessary for travel comfort. On the other hand, it provides the operator performing transport services with a way of communicating with passengers and allows quick access to data on current use of the rolling stock, failures, delays, occupancy at individual lines, and plenty of other data.

The Passenger Information System is a tool allowing for optimisation of public transport organisation according to current needs in dynamically changing situations during performance of transport tasks. The main components of the Integrated System are passenger information subsystems displaying information by means of electronic destination displays and station displays, public address devices as well as fare collection, video surveillance, and passenger flow counting subsystems. The systems offered by PIXEL are state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions combining functionalities of individual subsystems to provide smooth real-time management of passenger information.

Urban Transport