Video monitoring system

A vehicle monitoring system has been an applicable standard in public transport for some time now. Most of all, it significantly increases passengers’ safety so it improves their travelling comfort. It also allows to identify vandals that we often see in urban and intercity transport vehicles.

The video monitoring system consists of cameras installed inside the vehicle, cameras recording events outside, microphones, a digital recorder and a colour LCD monitor placed in the driver cabin. The outdoor cameras register the trajectory of the vehicle, make reversing easier, as well as support and sometimes even enable to provide safety for the passengers who get on and off. The microphones allow to record conversations and sounds in places particularly important for the carrier or provide communication between the vehicle service team and passengers. The use of the latest types of digital recorders allows to record in several modes, including a continuous/one-time/time/calendar or alarm mode. All the devices used in public transport have a special anti-vibration structure.

The video monitoring system provides a continuous preview of the vehicle inside by the driver with a monitor placed in the cabin. Depending on needs, the video displayed is divided into several sections, in each of them you can watch video from one camera. The modes of selecting cameras and enlarging the recorded video are available.

The main task of the offered solution is to increase the level of passengers’ safety during travelling and at change places. The option of using the records as evidence results in a decrease in the number of offences and acts of vandalism in public transport. The high quality digital cameras continuously record the part of a vehicle or a stop or platform covered by the camera. Next, the video is saved by the recorder and stored for the period of time specified earlier by the user.

The digital recorder is a technologically advanced device with a high level of protection for the recorded data and a wide range of archiving it. It can carry out many tasks simultaneously, for example, live view, record, play, archive, and access remotely. Its additional advantage is integration with many devices, cash registers, printers, POS systems (cash register computer, on-board computers), as well as access control and alarm systems. The main benefit of implementing the video monitoring system is a significant increase in safety and passenger comfort that results from it, as well as a real decrease in the number of offences and acts of vandalism in places where it is used.

Video monitoring system